Having managed the entire development process, DEMUCHO’s main focus now is on Design Development: creating spaces for owners and tenants in which people perform to their best.


She has a lot of experience working in international teams with global investors and well-known architects such as as Kohn Pederson Fox (for the World Trade Center Amsterdam), ALROV Group and Lissoni Associati (for the Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam). She has both experience with new buildings and renovations of listed buildings.


Today, sustainability is an integral part of any new real estate development. Petra always pushes her clients to consider the sustainability aspects of their design choices. She keeps her eyes open for local manufacturers and sustainable products and technology.


Petra is able to put herself in the place of the user of the space and find the optimum use and design of a space. This is supported by her knowledge of all the various interests that effect each specific building’s development.


She likes to work closely with designers and manufacturers that contribute with their knowledge and creativity and have a passion for their product.


Petra has experience in real estate development covering the complete phase from buying the land through permitting, design and construction, untill the handover to the tenant and end investors.


“The details are not the details. They make the design.” Charles Eames.

A building is not a piece of art: It’s a human shelter with beauty that is determined by its function.

DEMUCHO applies this philosophy, inspired by founder Petra van Veelen’s idol Frank Lloyd Wright, to all designs and concepts. Designing from the “inside out”, as Wright did, DEMUCHO designs create interior spaces to meet human needs.

It’s one thing to create an aesthetically pleasing space, but a space that has been built to consider the well-being of the people who will use it in the future with usability, functionality, quality, and design is Petra’s standard of beauty.

Working with Petra van Veelen, you’ll get a space in which the quality will be found in the details. A space that embraces original materials from businesses that believe in innovation and use their expertise to co-develop custom products for your future vision.

A modern space must also consider the future. Petra incorporates sustainability as part of her long-term sustainability thinking on behalf of the client, using anything from second-hand products, cradle-to-cradle goods, innovative materials, or finding regional manufacturers.

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